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Sometimes to stay safe, life requires that you do a little investigating. With the tools provided by  Spyshops you can have peace of mind  that we are there to help.  

Why Choose Us? 

We are a one stop solution for all you investigation, surveillance and spy gadget needs. We set the standard for quality and providing fast results in uncovering the truth of any situation. Whether its finding missing persons or you suspect infidelity in your relationship we will get to the bottom of it.

Are you a business that is suspecting espionage, data leaks, or your employees misusing company time. We have a range of solutions to help you uncover the truth of what is really going on inside your business. Let us help you minimize your risk with our top of the line employee monitoring solutions.





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STARTING AT $399.00 

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  • Cameras, body-worn, outdoor, car, and WiFi-enabled
  • GPS trackers
  • Voice recorders
  • Tools for cell phone surveillance
  • Voice changers

Closed Investigations


missing persons found


Innovative Products

Quality Service

Quality first is our number one goal. Offering quality spy products, quality investigation services, and quality customer service.

Detailed Reports

Our detailed reports provide truth and clarity by outlining every detail of our findings to give you peace of mind in knowing you got the facts.

Fast Results

Investigations take time getting the results. SpyShops professional investigators have high quality skill sets that get you results faster.

See What Our Clients Say...

Came in to purchase a camera and GPS to spy on my employees. Spy Shops has everything I was looking for and then some.Excellent customer device and excellent prices. I am going to recommend ONLY this place to everyone. Went to other shops and they are not knowledgeable like these people. Worth every penny.

- Leonie Rose -

People are very nice that work there they give you the best thing for your situation have got my money's worth already it's great go in and take a look

- Louis Acquarulo -

I went to go get a new camera set for my home but I didn’t know about the different types of cameras and the great workers at spy shops really helped me out and gave me all the information I needed they also have very good prices on all different types of products they have a great different variety of products and are very professional

- Sky Fridman -